I don’t believe that there is a such thing as coincidence.


I just don’t.


And I know that there are people that would argue that fact.  But in my life    there is no coincidence.


God knows everything that has happened and will happen in your life.


But how will you react when things do happen?


I believe there are many “character defining” moments in our lives.  Where we either make the right choice or we don’t.


Do we support people in their struggles or do we not?


Do we run away from chaos or do we face it?


If we make the wrong choice when faced with trouble … do we apologize or pretend it never happened?


Do we focus on what other people have done/not done to us … instead of what we are doing right now?



Let me back up…


On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I take both Chaston and his cousin Benjamin to school in the mornings.  And I love that time to spend with just the two boys.  Listening to them talk, communicate and just get older.


I still remember holding them both as babies.


..now they’re two 8 year old boys that enjoy re-inacting football plays for the entire 20-30 minutes we’re together in the morning.


And I do mean the ENTIRE time.


Sometimes we’ll study spelling words together and I’ll quiz the boys.  But in between words, they’re talking about plays from the football games the night before.  Whether flag-football games or PRO … there is always some sort of play that is being reinacted.  Oh how I love boys.


This morning, I was thinking about life.


And how everything seems to work out.   …and how some people don’t believe in a higher power.


When I got pregnant for Chaston I was obviously devastated.  …but I held on to my Faith that everything on Earth happens for a reason.


Chris (Chaston’s dad)’s brother and his wife had been married several months before and were trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant.


His cousin and her husband too, were trying to conceive their second child … and were struggling as well.


And then out of no where, after a year and a half of dating … we were pregnant.


The two people that needed a baby the least…


Chris’s brother and cousin could’ve let jealousy, disappointment and anger get the best of them… but they didn’t.


They supported us.  – and we were so thankful.


Still unsure of why God would choose us to be pregnant and not them – but rolling with the punches, because there was truly no other option.


5 weeks after we found out we were expecting … his brother and wife got the news that they too – were going to be parents.


And 6 weeks after that … his cousin and her husband were pregnant.


All of us due within 3 months of eachother.






We spend 9 months hanging out together, wondering if our babies were going to be boys, girls or a couple of each!   We did the draino test, the needle and thread test, Chinese calendars … we did it all!


When we found out that Chris’s cousin was having a boy … we determined that I too was going to have a boy, but Chris’s brother’s wife would have a girl.


There’s just no way that we’d all be pregnant together from the same family and have boys.  Oh the destruction that would come to the family if that were the case!!!


So I was first to have my baby.


And up to the hospital came the very pregnant brother and sister –in-law  and very pregnant cousin to see the first of the 3 babies born!   A boy.  


5 weeks later …


I watched as Chris’s sister-in-law gave birth to Chaston’s cousin Benjamin … another boy!!


And 6 weeks after that…


His cousin had her baby boy Alec. 


And at Christmas that year, we had 3 new baby boys.   Best friends … except they didn’t even know it yet! 


All of our struggles… my struggles with the unexpected pregnancy, their struggles with difficulty conceiving … didn’t matter any more.


We had three little boys.



Back to reality


This morning, as we were waiting to leave for school, the boys were looking all cute and grown up.


Chaston wanted me to spike his hair, so I did.  Spiked hair + new jeans + IU sweatshirt = cutest little boy ever!


I mean … when did he get so big ?  ..and handsome!?!?!   (yea, he looks like me  haha )



A close-up of mommy’s rockin’ hair-do 




Since he agreed to let me take his picture (which rarely happens) .. I let him


…i let him be himself.


Which is what i love about him most:




Then we added Benjamin to the mix:




And finally had some fun with the sunrise and some totally awesome jumping skillz.


Yea, these boys rock.




I’m so thankful.


…for unexpected circumstances sent only by God

…for the way He just works it all out, perfectly.

…for every morning that I spend with my son before school.  Just he and I. 

…for every evening I spend after school helping him with his homework.

…for our talks every night before bed.  Before we say our prayers together.

…for the people he thinks of to pray for.  That alone … amazes me.

…for Benjamin… and for God blessing his parents with a pregnancy just 5 weeks after ours.

…for my job.  And the fact that I’m able to be there with my kids more than most.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


These are the times in our lives that my kids will remember most.  Oh the stories that he will tell, “when we were little…” and “when I was a little boy…”.   THIS is the time in their lives when memories are made.



The other day, someone commented to me “you do too much for other people”.


Is there really such a thing?


If we are put on this Earth to serve others (..and by doing so – God himself) … then how is it possible that you can “do too much for other people”?


Yes, I’m a girl scout leader (assistant leader!) … If I don’t take the opportunity to make an impact on these girl’s lives. .. who will?


Yes, I volunteer every Tuesday night in a controversial place … but if I don’t take the opportunity to touch a life … who will?


My kids are watching me.  They are learning how to be “good people”. 


How can i expect them to grow up and “serve others” … if i’m not doing so myself? 


Wednesday night, Chaston and I had a date.


We went to JCPenney to get him some blue jeans and long sleeve shirts and then to Borders to buy him a new book.


When we got to JCPenney, I saw a parking spot on the other side of the row, so I drove over there.  When I got to the other side, another car was sitting there, seemingly wanting the spot that I had pulled around for.  At the same time, a car was pulling out directly across from ours.  I wasn’t sure what she was doing, so i went ahead and pulled in the open spot that I had originally intended to take.


The lady was furious!  I truly didn’t mean to “steal her spot” … I thought she was going to wait for the other one.  Judging by the dirty look/stare she gave us all the way into the store (we sat in the car for a few before going in ..) I don’t think she had intended for me to take that spot.


The normal reaction would be to get immediately defensive and be like “well she shouldn’t have wanted to take my spot!”.


But instead, I used it as a learning opportunity for Chaston to see.


I got a piece of paper out and wrote her a little note.  Apologizing for taking her spot and telling her that i didn’t know which spot she was waiting on.  I told her that I had come around the corner for the spot I was parked in but didn’t realize she saw it too.  I thanked her for understanding (ok, this portion was a difficult one for me to do, because clearly – by giving me dirty looks the whole time, she was NOT understanding) and signed it.  We got out of the car, I stuck it under her windshield wiper and went on in the store.


Maybe it changed her opinion about me.


Maybe it didn’t.


Either way … Chaston learned a lesson about kindness that night.


A lot of things have been laid on my heart lately.


and I see God moving in some really big ways.


I’m so blessed.